November 22, 2015

Cancelled again

Cancelled on a Saturday...a Saturday night, no less!  But I know the census has been down lately, and as a float pool per-diem I'm technically first on the chopping block--the only ones that can get cut before me are those requesting first cancel.  Staff going into OT are also technically supposed to be cut before me to, but they tend to let most of them stay.

So two nights lost.  I'm a little anxious but reminded myself that when designing the budget, I did prepare for things like this to happen.  I could lose up to 4, even 5 days in a month and we'd still be OK.  We'd have nothing going into savings that month, but all household expenses would be covered.

Mind you, I'd rather not lose the days in the first place.

So I called the charge nurse this morning and asked her what the likelihood of my being cancelled  on NOC was, and if it was high, could I work a PM shift instead?  She reassured me that I should be working NOC tonight.  Now whether that will really happen--after all, Friday was supposed to be guaranteed as I was swapping shifts to cover for a vacationing staff member, and I still got cancelled--I won't know until 2100 tonight, which is the deadline for me to be called off.

Should I get cancelled, I will go and make myself available for Monday PM shift.  Monday was going to be a day off as Tuesday is a clinical day.  But if I'm losing Sunday too, I need to make it up.  Even though that means I will get about 4 hours of sleep between work and clinical.

I may decide to put in for Monday anyway.  I am only scheduled to work 3 days this week because of my preceptorship and the Thanksgiving Day holiday, but since I lost 2 days last week, it may be a good idea to grab this extra day if it's available.  Though that means I'll have 4 hours of sleep between work shifts AND 4 hours of sleep between work and clinical.


The permanent job is looking better and better.  Fortunately, this ED preceptorship is finally happening so once this is finished I can start looking.

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