November 21, 2015

Ups and Downs

Up:  I have started a preceptorship in the an actual ED nurse.  Not as psych liaison, not as a psych nurse providing psych care to ED patients, but as an actual ED nurse.  I completed the ED course and this is the clinical component.  The school was able to place me in a hospital in my organization, so that helped tremendously, since I'm familiar with the EMR and how things work in general.

It was funny.  The nurses kept interrogating me about how the psych areas work.  I was happy to explain, since I think EDs in general don't understand how psych units work.  This is not a slur upon the ED, just that it is a different world.

Anyway, I'm two days in and so far so good.  I get a different preceptor each day and both have been fantastic.  I can only hope the next five will be too.

Down:  Cancelled again.  Which is unsettling as not only was I confirmed for work, I was specifically signed up to work to cover someone taking a day off.  So whether it's because the census is down, they found another nurse to cover, or the original person took the day off, I don't know.

Down:  And I hadn't worked earlier that day, so it was truly a zero hour day.

Up:  Financially, I'll be OK, I think.  This paycheck will have just under 64 hours, so I wonder what my take-home pay will be.  Hopefully not as bad as I think, and I have made provisions for such times when I might end up short in the pay department.

Down:  But you know I'm still anxious as hell about it.  I like some stability in my schedule.

Down:  Though the downside of stability in my schedule will be a pay cut.

Up:  Which may be worth it for the stable schedule's anxiolytic effects.

Up:  I started my first IV, and on my first try to!   77 year old man who was blessed with decent veins, all things given.  I admit, I was the most terrified about being able to do this, since coming into this, my record involving inserting needles in veins was 0 for 1.

Up:  I'm enjoying the ED so far.  Mind you, the first day was pretty slow, and on the second day my patients turned not to not be high acuity.  And I'm only dealing with 3 patients at a time (thank you, California ratio laws).  So I know this isn't necessarily representative of the norm.

Down:  I really need to review prioritization of needs.  ABC and Maslow are generally accurate, but there are times when something may take a bit of a higher priority to a C.  Like the possibility of brain attack.

Up:  I'm considering what I can do with my new skills once I finish the preceptorship.  Maybe ED, maybe Urgent Care, maybe full-time Psych-Medical.

Down:  I can't really make any moves until I finish this that means January.

Up and Down:  I learned that when you update your resume on a career website, even if you're not actively looking, recruiters come out of the woodwork.  Though not all jobs I'm being pitched are what I'm looking for.

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Medic2RN said...

Congratulations on your ER training! I hope you enjoy it.
I love your ratios... I wish the rest of the country had those.