November 3, 2015

Try, try again

Another new specialty position was posted, and I applied for it.  Fortunately, their system lets me copy my most recent application, so I did just that, tweaked it to reflect the current posting, and fired away.  I think I may be a little late--it looked like the closing date was 11/2 and today is 11/3...but what have I got to lose by trying?   I did make a note on my calendar to check that organization's website weekly, so maybe I'll hit a posting on time.

There were also a few behavioral health postings there, but I'm going to wait and see what happens with this one.  I'm also not going to apply for anything behavioral health until January.

The psych liaison position is very interesting.  I had a good orientation, learned a lot about doing intake, and am now certified to place people on psychiatric holds...well, only at that facility, anyway.  I'm not allowed to go to the local Wal-Mart and wield my new powers, no matter how much they may be needed.  Anyhow, I haven't had a chance to pick up any more liaison shifts there just yet because my schedule from now to December 31st is a mess.  Going to try though.

I totally forgot about the Spanish class...I have until 11/19 to finish it though, so I think I'm going to cram as much as I can, then download whatever I can so I have it for the future.  I also have to start brushing up on the emergency department stuff, as the preceptorship finally has a start date of 11/18.

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