February 10, 2017

Two weeks' notice (official) and adventures in reading

I officially submitted my notice at Job #3.  My department head was understanding, thanked me for my service and wished me well.  The nurses at the site I was at were rather upset that I was going.  They made me lay down on their new therapeutic cot (I guess one too many patients have come over all faint in there) and I basically told them the details while lying on my back and with my shoes off.  First time I ever resigned from a job while in the supine position.

Truth be told, I'm kind of upset about leaving these nurses.  Actually, of all the locations I have to go to on Job #3, the one I was at today is by far my favorite.  I'm really going to miss the nurses, doctors, staff, pretty much everyone there, really.  They are some of the most laid-back people in psych nursing that I know.  Unfortunately, I have no more shifts scheduled at that site...but I told them they can always stalk me on social media. 

So I left the site with sadness...though not before hitting the pharmacy on the way out the door and taking advantage of my 25% employee discount one last time.  Don't knock these perks--they add up in the long run.


Regular readers know I have a habit of randomly requesting books from the library, usually because I get interested in something and want to read all I can about it.  Often, the holds take some time to make it to my tiny (really, it's only one room) branch of the public library, so when I go to pick them up, I'm often surprised at what I had requested.  The librarians are no longer shocked at what I get.  They are also tolerant of my requests, especially since I tend to forget to return books on time and have to pay fines.  I'm good for a couple of dollars a month, at least.

These requests usually occur late at night, when I'm in bed reading and/or surfing on my Kindle.  When I used to do this after a glass or two of wine, I'd apparently request the most random stuff.  Now that I am not drinking...I still apparently request the most random stuff. 

So I go to pick up the latest haul.  In it, there is:
  • A collection of novels by Richard Bachman, a.k.a. Stephen King.  I didn't remember why I wanted this one until I saw that The Running Man was one of the stories.  Yes, the book that the movie is based on.  Seriously, did you know that Stephen King of all people wrote that?  I certainly didn't...though now that I know, it makes sense.
  • A book on borderline personality disorder.  Given my area of nursing, that is no surprise.
  • A book on North Korea.  Also not surprising.  North Korea fascinates me.  I have no desire to visit there though as I'd probably never be let out, but I'll read all I can about it.
  • A biography of one of the Ramones.  I think that was due to a discussion that I had with a coworker--we're both fans.  I don't remember which Ramone it was offhand.  Joey?
  • And five (!) books on the Vestal Virgins.  Now THIS one, I'm trying to figure out.
Five books on the Vestal Virgins...really.  I should check my Kindle's browsing history to see where I was surfing that got me so intrigued to get my virgin knowledge on.

So yeah, I have a lot of literature to keep me occupied for the next 6 weeks. 

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