April 5, 2017

Back on the wagon

So the theme for the last three days has been Doritos.  Massive amounts of Doritos.  All flavors of Doritos (BTW, whoever invented Tapatío Doritos has my eternal adoration).  Doritos for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bedtime snack.

OK, not that many Doritos.  But a lot of Doritos nonetheless.  More than usual.

That plus lax eating for the last three days...I'm scared to step on the scale.  The last time I weighed in a few days ago, I hit the "23 lb lost" mark.  I know I'm not going to have gained 10 lb in those three days...but still, I think I'll wait until the weekend--and a few days of intermittent fasting--before I weigh in again.

I just felt like going off the rails these last three days, what can I say?

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