April 12, 2017

The mystery of the insurance auth has been solved

The ptosis repair--for both eyes!--was approved.  Clearly, my ophthalmologist's UR office is good.

My ophthalmologist only does surgery on Wednesdays.  Also, Wednesdays is the only day that the surgery scheduling team schedules surgeries.  I called and just missed them.  So I have to wait a whole week before they call me.  Well, I've had this eye issue for this long, what's another week?  And it's not as though surgery will be the week after I call them anyway.

I also need to remind them that if they are going to twilight sedate me, that diazepam will make me turn bright red.  They may decide to use something else.

I'm not sure how to deal with this at work.  I have the sick time accrued for a week off...actually, I have a TON of time off accrued because I never really take it.   I'll only need 7 days off for this.  Maybe 8.

When I schedule the surgery, do I tell work now that I've scheduled it so they can plan around my absence, or do I call them the day of surgery and tell them I won't be around a week per doctor's orders?  I'm guessing the former.  But I'll wait until I schedule the surgery first before I say anything.

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