October 29, 2009


I was complimented the other day. I'm back on detox; one of the clinical instructors was showing her students around the unit, pointed to me and told her students "that nurse explains detox really well."


I've been mastering the basics but I didn't think I was "really well" at the topic. I was flattered. That compliment makes me want to learn even more about detox so I can really be thorough in explaining it to patients and students.

I'm a firm believer in consistency, meaning that if you're going to enforce a policy, you should do it for everyone regardless. Like every other hospital around here, alternate weekends are a must. One of the policies in my place is that if you call out sick over a weekend you're scheduled to work, you may be asked to produce a doctor's note as well as have to work the next "off" weekend you have. Apparently too many people have abused taking weekends off, so they started cracking down.

Now while I don't mind at all being asked to fax my doctor's note (I am indeed sick: I had to call out this weekend because my doctor wants me home recovering until Monday) because I approve of the consistency on their part, part of me couldn't help but feel a tiny bit peeved as I work EVERY weekend. I don't have a "off" weekend coming off--I'm in for at least one, usually two shifts every single weekend since the day I was hired. And it's not as though I'm abusing the weekends: this will be the first one I am off, and only because I am highly contagious.

Go fig.

So yeah, I'm on an enforced vacation from work. I'd like to say I'm home relaxing...but I can barely keep my head up. I'm chugging Theraflu q4 just so I can breathe, and I'm buried under down comforters while it's 70-something degrees outside.

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