October 30, 2009

I now understand why so many at-home moms drink

I'm not being facetious.  

My being under house arrest due to illness means the preschooler is also under house arrest because I'm not supposed to leave the house to take him to school or anywhere.  For the past three days he's been hounding me like the plague...I can't get a moment's peace to relax or do my reading for class.  What's worse is that  he's developing the 4-going-on-40 attitude and everything is "I want!" or "No!" or "Mommy, do this!"  He deliberately disobeys me when I tell him to do/not do something, and when he does something wrong he gives me that laugh, that laugh that says to me "I know I'm ignoring you and I don't care!"

I've tried everything from being nice to being a bitch.  Nothing works.

Add to this the fact that I'm feeling much better (ah, Theraflu, how I love thee) and would love to be out and about right now--hell, I'd even like to be at work if I could!  But I can't because I'm still contagious...nor can I go visit friends.  So I'm trapped in the house with a demanding preschooler.  What's worse is that tomorrow my better half will be gone until Sunday, so it's not as though I have someone in the house that I can hand him off to for a while as I go and hide.

It's all I can do to grab a bottle of wine and up-end it in my mouth.   But the Theraflu is keeping me from doing that.

I don't spank either--I had it done to me as a child and I don't approve of it.  But I'm beginning to understand that "why" feeling too.

Oh well.  This too shall pass...I hope.

Oh yeah, I'm officially a BSN student now.  Pre-BSN student, actually...it's kind of confusing how the program is all set up.  But I'm taking a 6-week online class that so far is a throwback to my Fundamentals and Management classes.   I'm one of two RNs in it--the rest are all brand-new nursing students.  I better not let myself get too cocky about it.

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