October 9, 2009

Tolerance and help

It amazes me what the human body can tolerate, and how much tolerance that the body can build towards something.   I admitted two patients who if going by the numbers, should have been comatose at the least, if not dead.  But both were walkie-talkies and in decent condition given what drugs they were on.  Both were also cooperative, though assessing them was a test of my patience.

They threw me up as charge nurse the other night, with only partial help with the medications.  I think I rose to the challenge well--I stayed calm, did everything the best I could, and I did the most important thing:  I called for help when I needed it.  And boy, I did need help during that last hour with the admissions.  I know I missed a few things on one of them, but the following nurse was going to go over the chart, and I told her I'd come in tomorrow to make sure everything was all squared away.

I feel no shame in asking my coworkers for help.  I'm not WonderNurse; I'm a new graduate nurse who's on a steep learning curve.  This is the "first year" and I am developing.   I would rather ask for the help, do the job right and let them think what they will of me for asking...than to say "I'll do it myself," refuse to ask for help and muck things up, because they'll think a lot worse of me if I do that.  They may be impressed when I have the good day and nothing goes wrong, but when the bad day happens--and it will happen...

I also have no problem asking for and receiving feedback from my coworkers, and I tell them to please tell me what I'm doing wrong--I won't take it personally.  I don't think they're used to that attitude because one of them looks at me like I'm crazy when I say that.  I don't think she believes me...oh well, she'll get used to me :)

It's been nice getting paid.  Our fridge went on life-support yesterday and it was my salary that got us a new one immediately instead of having to wait until his next payday.  It'll be here tomorrow and I can't wait--until then, I have to cram as much as I can into the mini-fridge and pray that doesn't give out.

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