January 8, 2010


I don't particularly feel like going into work today:  the weather's blah and I feel blah.  But go in I must.

Once I get my exact school schedule for this semester, I may have to change my work schedule around so I can accomodate it.  Right now at work, I'm set through the end of January.  The first class starts Monday (online) so hopefully there won't be anything that requires me to show up in person this month; then once I get my class schedule, I'll shift my work schedule to accomodate test/quiz/in-person dates.  I started thumbing through a Statistics for Dummies book to get a jump on things.  I also received my graphing calculator yesterday, and cried a little because it looks so damn complicated to use.  But I'm sure I'll figure it out...I hope.

I also admit that I'm thinking about scaling back my work schedule a day every other week or so.  Don't get me wrong:  I still enjoy my job very much...but the excitement of "I'm finally a nurse, I want to be working!" is wearing off, and I'm beginning to miss the downtime I guess I took for granted while I was in school the first time around. 

But we shall see.  I also think that a lot of my blah-ness is due to getting back into my usual schedule after a few weeks of decreased hours and holiday revelry.  After a couple of weeks, I'll be back to my usual eager-to-work self.

Lately I've been feeling some med-surg twinges again.  I realized that of all of our class and of most of my nursing school friends/contacts, only a few of us didn't do med-surg after graduation.  Two went to dialysis, one to LTC, one to home health (she kept the LPN job; the HH job is strictly for her to get her year's RN experience), and two (one being me) are in psych.  But everyone keeps posting about their med-surg experiences...and it makes me wonder if I am indeed missing anything by not being there.  

I get to do a lot more with the patients in psych than I can in med-surg:  they're all walkie-talkies, so I can focus on their mental issues and not whether their chux needs changing.  So I know what I'm not missing from med-surg:  the blood, guts, poop, grunt work, essentially being a skivvy...which unfortunately is a good part of med-surg.  I accept that.  But I know there's more to med-surg than that--nurses do a whole damn lot of procedures in med-surg. 

Anyhow, if I really want to enter into med-surg, I could get a PRN job somewhere, or wait until I finish my BSN and jump in then.  I think these twinges will pass...though something tells me that taking out my NCLEX review book and textbook and just brushing up on med-surg things is a good idea right now. 


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