January 4, 2010

New year, and back to the books

I do like the promise of a new beginning that New Year's offers, but I don't really make New Year's resolutions.  Well, I kind of do, but I don't list them out and say "This year, I will..."  I tried that once last year:  on a journaling website, I had joined a group where we all made a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days.  I made my list, and before the month was out promptly forgot all about it as well as my poor journal.  Now, I know that I've done some of the things on that list...definitely not all 101 though.  But it just confirmed to me that I'm not a New Year's Resolutions List person.

Instead, I go into the new year with general ideas of what I'd like to achieve.  I do better that way...no, I'm not 100% there either, but at least I don't put pressure on myself to try to tick off items on some written list.  Or even to come up with a list in the first place.

One thing that I've had to be firm on myself with though is my yarn crafts.  I have far too much yarn:  over 50 miles' worth.  Yes, I tallied it.  So I had to put down in print that I was not buying any new yarn until I made substantial inroads into knitting or hooking up what I have.  At least a few miles or so.

It's funny:  I've graduated, and here I am back in school.  I went to my local CC to pick up my textbook for a class and the woman asked me if I needed to get a student ID.   That reminded me to look for it...and fortunately, I found it in my glove compartment.  I haven't changed much...my hair is darker now than it was in the picture, but that was because I stepped up a shade level in the hair dye. 

I also saw that it still had my student nurse name tag attached to it, which was promptly removed.  I'll keep the name tag as a memento.

I've lined up the next few classes towards the pursuit of the BSN.  I have Stats and Patho for this spring.  More Patho and Assessment are for the summer, possibly with Public Speaking (if necessary, I'll roll Public Speaking over to spring 2011).  Diversity, Information and World History are for the Fall. 

I'll worry about 2011 later.  If all goes well, by Spring 2012 I've got my second nursing degree. 

Then, who knows?  No more school for a while after that, though--I'm certain about that.   Otherwise...maybe I'll stay in psych.  Maybe I'll go to med-surg for a while.  Maybe I'll land in another specialty.  Maybe I'll do all of the above.

Though I have to admit...I kind of like being a student.  It's fun to be able to learn.

Work is taking some readjusting, as it always does after prolonged time off.  I had nearly another week off for the holidays, so to get back into the routine is always difficult the first couple of days.  Fortunately, they've seen fit to leave me on detox...which I always enjoy despite the workload.  Lately, there's been enough medical issues going on to keep things interesting.

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