January 19, 2010

A new perspective

I've been working on the resumé and updating my application at the local hospitals.  No, I'm not planning to leave my current place of employment...I just thought it'd be nice to have my resumé kept current for when I need it.   And I figured that I'd freshen up my hospital applications just in case they're actively recruiting for eager psychiatric nurses.   I have to say I felt a rush when I was updating the applications, because I can now put down real acute care RN experience (in addition to my volunteer) experience,  as well as put down the RN-BSN program.   I'm still technically a new grad until August though...but I'm getting there.  And hey, if they want to get in on the ground floor with me, here's their chance.

When I was updating, I did see that Number 1 hospital did have an opening in psych that would be up my alley and I wouldn't have to quit my current job...but I didn't apply for it.  I thought about it, and decided that I wanted to get at least 6 months' experience in before I go and start looking for anything else, even a per diem job:  I want to have a stronger knowledge base and more developed skills before I go interviewing, so I don't look like a new grad deer caught in the headlights.  And besides, there will be other opportunities there, I'm sure:  they just don't have a psych unit, they have an entire facility for it.

It's nice to be able to look at the hospital websites and the job listings without this pressing feeling of urgency or the "I need to find a job, I MUST find a job" attitude.  Nor do I look at the websites and feel a sense of rejection because they won't even look at my application because I was a new grad.  Nor is there the "I've applied for this a month ago and was turned down, and yet you're still advertising it--was I truly that atrocious in your eyes?" feeling.   Instead it's "let's see about working here in the future" or "wonder what they would offer me next year when I do have that experience" or "they're still advertising it, perhaps now I have a shot."

I opened up the paper the other day and was reading an article about someone who died.  The name didn't ring a bell...right away.  It wasn't until talking to someone at work that I realized that the deceased was once a patient there, that I worked with him when I was on his unit that day, and that there's speculation that the death may not have been of natural causes.   It was saddening.

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