May 5, 2012

Cinco De Mayo

Y'all know the history of this day isn't based on a party but on a battle, right?  Anyhow, enjoy it and be safe.

I was on the trolley the other day.  Not far away was a man, maybe in his 50s, repeatedly making the Sign of the Cross and touching his forehead.  Before becoming a psych nurse, I would have mentally classified this man as "a wacko" and moved further away.  But after three years, I recognize a compulsion when I see it, so while I didn't exactly sidle up next to him, I didn't feel unsafe enough to move.  In fact, I tried to see if the book he was carrying was a Bible (it was).  OCD plus religious preoccupation...interesting combo.

I watched as covertly as possible to see if there was a pattern to his compulsions.  No pattern.  Sometimes he'd stop after 3, sometimes after 7, sometimes after I lost count.  When he wasn't crossing himself he'd look around...but no one else was fazed either.  I guess he was a regular and they were used to it...and besides, crossing yourself repeatedly isn't too bad as far as compulsions go.  He wasn't directly bothering anyone.

I have two papers, two discussion question responses and a quiz due by Monday at 0600.  I hadn't thought of this when I signed up to work Sunday day shift at the ER.  Oh well.  I made good inroads into paper #1 last night; today I'll work on paper #2 and the responses.  Sunday I'll finish off and clean both up, and take that quiz.  

I've got this.  I hope.

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