May 11, 2012

Worth it

So I did some math...I found out that as an agency nurse (at least with my agency) I get paid a little less per hour than the core staff does at the agency facility.  I don't get benefits, whereas they do get them.  I do not get paid time off, whereas they do.  I am not guaranteed hours, whereas they are guaranteed them.

On paper, that seems very unfair...especially the being paid less as an agency nurse than as a permanent employee.

In reality, I have complete and utter control over my schedule, whereas they do not.  I can not be mandated to work extra hours or overtime, whereas they can.  I can choose to work extra if I wanted to, whereas they can be told they have to.  I can not serve as a charge nurse, whereas they can be made to.  I can take off as many days as I want and still have a job, whereas they can't.

So in practice, I really have the better end of the stick.

Money isn't always everything, and the highest salary doesn't always bring happiness.

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