May 26, 2012

Realized that I don't necessarily have six straight days coming up, as Thursday is technically not spoken for by either agency or outpatient.  I'm debating as to whether I want to leave it a day off.

On one hand, I could choose where I wanted to work that day, as both outpatient and agency expressed an interest in my services.  The two politics classes start next week so if this is a week to work like crazy, it'd be this week.  And I'd be making killer money this week, between the weekend, the week and the holiday.

On the other hand, that would be day 5 in a row of work...and the day prior is both a day half-shift and an evening half-shift.  So Wednesday I'd be getting out of work at 2000, home by 2030, and then have to be asleep before 2200 just to be human at 0500.  I could also get to the Y for a long overdue workout.   And it would be nice to have a day in the house--alone--to imitate a vegetable.

Decisions, decisions...

Maybe I'll see how the next few days ago.  The nice thing is that I don't have to commit to working the day right away:  I can wait until Wednesday to say Yay or Nay to Thursday.

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