May 25, 2012

Who haven't I pissed off today?

Worked outpatient today...and for some reason or another almost every doctor felt compelled to yell at me.  I'm not sure why--I didn't do anything out of the ordinary or yell-worthy.  One doctor squawked at me for calling them while on vacation, except that they hadn't told anyone they were going on vacation...and "anyone" included almost the entire hospital.

One doctor got upset that I called them because of that first doctor going away and they had to cover for them...then got upset when I had call them again because my supervisor told me to.

Another got into a tiff because they thought I wanted them there right away, and was going on with the "I have more important patients to see..."  "I don't care when you see the patient," I replied.  "I was just reminding you to see the patient."

And another was angry about a patient deciding not to comply with treatment, as though it's my fault they aren't interested in recovery.  Sure, I can just tie them to a log, drag them in, and make them give up all of their CD issues so they can pay attention to their treatment.

In my supervisor's defense, she apologized that I was the whipping girl.  I told her that as long as we didn't have a code, it was still a good day.

The one doctor who didn't yell at me, I almost wanted to kiss for not yelling at me.  Ironically, he's the one that's known as the bear in the hospital, yet has never been anything but polite to me.  In fact, when I said to my coworker that another doctor just yelled at me, without fault every time, they'd ask if it was him.

Them I get home.  And got yelled at by the other half.  There was an incident involving the little one at school that upset me, and I was talking to him about it.  For some reason, the other half didn't like how I handled it and when the little one went outside to play, tore me to shreds.  I kept my cool but I was pretty upset.  And angry.  Way to be made to feel like the world's worst parent.

Eventually, the truth about the incident at school came out (it wasn't as bad as we thought it was).  Eventually, the other half apologized for snapping at me.  But I'm still pretty upset and angry...I'm sure I'll get over it eventually, but I tell you:  to be yelled at all day at work, being yelled at at home was the last thing in the world that I needed.


I told him so at dinner.  And that helped me get over it.  Now I'm just chilling with the little one as we're about to watch the Marx Brothers.

I have off tomorrow, then a stretch of 6 days on, alternating between outpatient and agency.  What was I thinking?  

In happier news, I have officially broken 200 lbs.  I broke it at home a few weeks ago, but today it was official when I broke it on the work scale.  


Kolohe said...

Not me! (the answer to the question in your title).

Sorry you had a bad day. I haven't seen any flaws in your parenting skills. Tell you what, if I see any, I'll let you know.... and I won't yell at you either. (((Meriwhen)))

Medic2RN said...

Not me either!

I don't understand the yelling. It's not professional and shows a lack of maturity.
It's easy to say "let it roll off and don't let it bother you," but I know exactly how you feel. ((hugs)) Keep talking until you get it off of our chest.