June 5, 2013

My maternity leave ends in 8 days.  Well, the official ending date was last week, but I go back to work next week on a part-time basis.


Happy and sad about this.  Happy to be back in the action; sad because I have to be away from little one #2.  But I can't have it both ways.

The Research Roller Coaster continues...

We got the assignment grades back.  We did pretty well on one of them and not so well--but passing--on the other.   The pretty-well one was a serious chunk of our final grade, so that's good news.  The not-so-well one still has one more part to complete before that becomes the largest part of our grade.  I think we can pull off something in the 80s, which will be nice.

Then I took the quiz...no, I didn't take it at 0300 as I feared I would have to.  I was going to wait until the better half came home to tend to little one #2, but I decided that I didn't want to lose a whole day doing nothing.  I wasn't studying because I felt if I didn't know it by now I wasn't going to know it, and I certainly wasn't getting any other work done because I was focused on the quiz...and trying not to throw up.

When I'm anxious, I get nauseous.  When I'm really anxious, I actually vomit.

Little one #2 seemed placid this morning, and I figured we may as well give it a try.  So I moved everything--baby, laptop, cable modem--into the nursery, set him in his crib, set myself up in the corner, said a prayer, and went at it.  Worst case scenario:  he flips out, I attach him to a boob while still answering questions.  It wouldn't be the first time I've taken a test with a nursing child.

He did a lot better than I thought.  I did a lot better than I thought...so well that I'm actually kind of shell-shocked.  No, not a 100%--I think I would have had a MI if that happened--but very close.

THEN I threw up.

So now things are looking up again.

Off to tackle the next assignment, which is the last part that I mentioned above.

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