July 20, 2013

It must have been something in the hospital water

I was proposed to by four patients.  Only one required redirection for his behavior:  the other three kept themselves in check.

One of these three tended to hover near me.  Long story short:  he hadn't had a pleasant time there so far and was anxious, and I guess he found my presence comforting.  Quiet kid, no behavior problems at all.  It made for an interesting situation when I had to relieve someone on a 1:1.  The patient being watched (who wasn't one of my admirers--in fact, he didn't like me one bit), kept wandering around the unit.  Five feet behind him (just outside of an arm's swing) is me trailing him.  Five feet behind me is my admirer trailing me.  The charge nurse thought this parade was very amusing.  

Agency work has been going well.  I got both my days this week--I changed my schedule so I wouldn't be competing with as many other agency nurses for shifts.  Yes, there's not many agency nurses there anymore, but considering that the ones that are there have been working all this time while I'm returning for a leave of absence, they're more likely to be scheduled than I.  

I haven't been assigned the psych ER too much.  Most of the time, I've been assigned to one specific inpatient unit...which to be honest, I'm growing to really like being on.  I didn't think I would, but I do.  It's nice to have a patient population that doesn't completely turn over every time I visit.  I'm working with a good crew of people.  Staff there seem to like me.  Plus there's been too many changes to the ER:  too many new P&P, too many familiar faces gone...so I don't feel like I quite fit in there anymore.

Of course, having just typed that, the next time I'm scheduled, I'll probably get sent to the ER or another inpatient unit.

Next week, I decided to put in for three days.  I'm preferring to stick to the two days a week, but between the vacation and the upcoming tuition bill for my penultimate class, I decided to put in for a little extra this week.  One is at my main job so it's a guaranteed shift; even if I only end up with one of the two agency shifts, I'll still be ahead financially. 

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