July 25, 2013

The only physical traits my sister and I share are that we are both tall (though she is a little taller) and we sound exactly the same on the phone.   That's it.   Some people say we have slight resemblances in facial structure but we don't see it.

She has straight blond hair, blue eyes and tan olive skin.  She's also willowy and thin.  I am pale with dark hair, dark eyes, and curves.  My frame is more athletic and willowy has never been used to describe me.

We were out to lunch today and she introduced me to her friend who was convinced that I was the sister-in-law, not the biological sister.  

It's always been like this, so we're both used to it.  

In other news, I was cancelled once this week...hopefully not twice.  If it is twice, I can't pick up anything on the weekend as it's ACLS renewal time.  At least I had one guaranteed shift this week and next week I'll have another one.

Financially, I've made my childcare cost quota so anything else from this month is strictly profit.  Still, I'd like to do a little better than just barely breaking even.

I also decided to put off the CARN certification until next year.  Between the cost of the test and the CEUs as well as the fact that I've have to take this test in October, I'd rather just focus on finishing the BSN right now.

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