August 6, 2013

I'm it

Phone tag is over:  the recruiter called me back as I was vacuuming the house.  She was sorry she couldn't contact me again sooner...I'm sure she's very busy dealing with the throngs of new graduate nurses jockeying to get in here.

Anyhow, we've pretty much agreed that the best way for me to get into medical nursing at my facility is via psych-medical.  There's few med-surg training programs and the managers on the units prefer experience in the specialty.  The requirements for the ED program are indeed stringent...but we both kind of knew that.  Whereas my psych background makes me a decent candidate for psych-medical.  I did interview with them once before when I first arrived here, but I didn't have the BSN--in fact, I had just switched schools and was about the start the new (current) BSN program.

Unfortunately, there isn't anything open in psych-medical at this time.  Fortunately, she is the recruiter for that department and will keep me in mind.  She also feels my chances will be better once I have the BSN in hand.

So now I just stay the course and wait.  And starting to brush up on the medical nursing knowledge couldn't hurt either...even if I don't get a position right away, it's still darn good stuff for me to know.

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