August 10, 2013

My next class is up in Blackboard, so I've downloaded the syllabus and updated my iCal with all of the due dates.

I'm going to have to do two field assignments.  I hate field assignments...I really do.  I'm never entirely comfortable just going out there talking to strangers.  I have no issues doing it with my patients at work but otherwise...yeah.  I actually dreaded this class a bit more than I did Research because of that.  

I don't think it's social anxiety.  I think I just have a touch of Axis II that makes me not the best at social situations.  Seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if a psychiatrist pronounced me as having traits of avoidant and/or schizoid personality disorder.  

Or I could just be somewhat shy with strangers and that's it.  Not every quirk has to be a major psychiatric issue, you know?  One down-in-the-dumps day does not a diagnosis of depression make.  Likewise, not wanting to interview people for a project doesn't mean I've definitely got a personality disorder.

That's one thing about us who are in psych:  we tend to overanalyze and self-diagnose, which isn't necessarily a good thing.  They warned us about it in the first day of nursing school...and yet before the class was over most of us in the class had self-imposed Axis I and II diagnoses.


Given that this is the last class before Capstone--plus the fact that there's no way of getting out of this class--I'm feeling optimistic that I can do this.  Only two more hurdles to cross before I can put BSN after my name.  

Actually, when I'm done I'll be RN-BC, BSN.  Or BSN, RN-BC.  And then once I apply for public health nurse certification--which I can do after graduation--I can add PHN to the alphabet soup.

I had thought about reading ahead for this class but decided not to.  I've always been a firm believer that breaks from school should be just that:  breaks from school.  I shouldn't have to be doing schoolwork on breaks...if I wanted to idly thumb through a textbook or guide, that's one thing.  But otherwise I should be enjoying the time off while I can, since the next few weeks will be busy enough.

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