August 1, 2013

Well, this is a first...

Coworker:  Is that your real hair color?

Me:  No.

Coworker (actually starts checking my hair roots):  What is?

Me:  ...

I actually wasn't insulted:  I'll admit my hair is dyed.  I mean, it's a fair question to ask someone if they have one hair color one day and another hair color the next day.  But I have never been root-checked before...this happens to be an awesome coworker so I wasn't upset.  More amused than anything.

I suppose it could have been worse.  They could have asked a more indelicate question.

For the record, it's dark ash brown.  I discovered that when I went nearly a year without dyeing it due to pregnancy and childbirth...and apparently, my real color has darkened over the years.   Which means I will now stand out even more among the sea of blue-eyed blondes in family photos.  

Actually, it was seeing the photo of my blue-eyed blond son that prompted my coworker to ask about my hair color.

Currently the hair is reddish brown.   L'Oreal Healthy Look Creme in 5CB if you want to play along at home. 


Kolohe said...

I can very easily imagine a more indelicate question: given your self proclaimed "pornstar-esque" bust size.


BTW, I know a former ED doc in your area. He's just a casual friend (we went to Jr. High together and are FB friends). I assume he still has connections there and I would be willing to put you in contact with him if your ED desires progress that far. Of course the down side is that you'd have to admit to knowing me. ;-)

Medic2RN said...

I would think long and hard about admitting that you know Kolohe!


Meriwhen said...

*lol* @ both of you :)

Actually, my upper assets don't look as bad as the bra size sounds. I'm tall and large framed, so it's nothing like Pamela Anderson's appearance...they're at least somewhat proportional. But yeah, there's sticker shock when reading that size label.

Seriously, if and when I take this ER training course, I may just take you up on that offer.

Kolohe said...

Trust me, I never imagined your upper assets looked bad; not even close. But, as much as I enjoy the topic, we'd better change it before Medic strolls by and labels me with the DOM moniker again. (A DOM is the companion to the LOL.)

A little fascination with the female form; a little inuendo; and the next thing I know Medic is calling me a DOM!! (Just for the record, I am NOT Old!)

I know Medic puts on a good front, but I gotta tell ya, she can be a real PITA..... and I'm not talking Greek pocket bread, KWIM?