October 16, 2013

Hell Week begins

The last time I had a Hell Week, I was a pledge.

It's the final two weeks of Capstone.  Well, it's really the final week, as everything needs to be turned in by 2100 on Monday.  After that, the class is pretty much done even though we still have a week remaining.  It's a very odd schedule for a class.

In this Hell Week, I have 8 projects due:  a PowerPoint presentation of 20 minutes' length, an evaluation of said PowerPoint, a journal entry, a reflection paper, a resume, a discussion question, and two discussion question responses with substantive content.  The first three are due tomorrow night; the remainder except for the responses is due by Sunday night.  I'm on top of the first three assignments.  The rest, I haven't even started.

Fortunately, I'm spending the next two days at my main job and it promises to be mellow, so I'm hoping to get some work done while there.  Not going to bank on it, but I'm e-mailing homework to work on just in case.

And then...then it's over.  It's really and truly over.   I'm receiving all of these graduation announcements and e-mails and it's so surreal.

Work was interesting today.   I got to give my PowerPoint presentation a trial run with a couple of my patients who were sorely needing some med-ed.  Well, I didn't show them the slides, but I knew the content by heart.  I think some of the message got through to them.

Interesting and unrelated fact:  my sorority did not permit pledges to drink alcohol, regardless of their age.  Kind of goes against the Greek party-animal stereotype, doesn't it?  Though any days of partying on my part are long past.  The last mixed drink I had was hot chocolate with Almond Joy coffee creamer.

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