October 3, 2013


I took a chance and shot the manager of the ICU an e-mail asking about the part-time position--not that I wanted it, but what they were looking for as far as scheduling goes.  I decided that given the up-and-down scheduling from the agency, that I'd rather just focus on going inpatient at my main job.  I wrote a few days ago...no response.  So either the manager just hasn't gotten to it yet for whatever reason, or has gotten to it and hit the Trash button.


I can't say I blame her if it was trashed.  After all, new graduate job hunting season has officially started and I'm sure she's inundated with messages from new grads.  I'm sure she read my message and decided that I was probably just another internal applicant pleading for a chance.  Then again, the "RN-BC" after my name should have been a hint I'm not quite the new grad...especially since the job posting stated that ANCC certification was preferred.

And so is a BSN.

Four more weeks...well, not really.   I found out from my lovely school that degrees do not get conferred until mid-December regardless of when the coursework was completed.  So even though the last day of class is October 26 or thereabouts, I have to wait for this degree to be conferred.

Again, *sigh*

So I don't know if, come November, I can legally call myself Meriwhen, BSN, RN-BC, or if I have to wait until the official conferral of the degree.  I would think that as long as my transcript stated that I have completed all the requirements, I could start saying, "I'm a BSN!"  But then again, who knows when my school will do that...they probably won't change the transcript until December with my luck.

It's just frustrating that, after all these years to finally reach the finish line, to find the finish line has been moved further back.

Oh well.  There is nothing I can do about it.  Say the Serenity Prayer and focus on the now.

Let's see if the agency cancelled me tomorrow.  Fortunately, I've got a stack of shifts lined up at my main job in October so I'm not worried--I'll make my budget and then some...which is good as we have some house repairs that we need to get done ASAP.

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