October 27, 2013


So, on my life after school, I've steam-mopped all my wooden floors, got a FitBit and started working on walking 10,000 steps a day (high score so far:  5,500), played Club Penguin (I'm in charge of feeding the little one's 11 puffles because he forgets to), started reading actual non-knitting books, and knit a shawl...well, it's a skimpy shawl.  More like a scarf, actually.  It's called a Wingspan if you want to look up and see the shape.  It's green and rather pretty but it's too small for me.  I like shawls that are practically blankets, or at least come half-way down my arms, so I'm sending it to a friend for Christmas and will start another (and larger) one for myself after I finish the hat I just cast on.


Still waiting on the final grade.  I'm pretty sure it will be an A and I'll have my 4.0 unless I really tanked something that wasn't graded yet.

At my main facility, I'm finishing my assignment up:  last day is tomorrow.  It was a nice run there...and I admit to feeling an occasional twinge of regret that I didn't apply for the part-time position myself.  But it did not fit into my long range plans, and so I didn't want to do it knowing I couldn't give them the long commitment they were looking for.  I'm sure I'll be back there again one day though.

Meanwhile, I oriented at a new site and have the opportunity to pick up more hours, including some weekend ones.

And the agency has been calling me like crazy.  Someone must have gotten fired.  Anyhow, I gave them my next month's availability so we'll see how many days I'll get.  Actually, a couple of weeks ago they had called asking if I'd be interested in something long-term.  I told them that because of school (which I was still in at the time) and the baby, I prefer to keep it month to month right now.

So for all of their mad calling, we will see how often I'm cancelled.  I've scheduled enough guaranteed shifts this month to pay for December's childcare, so there's no stress if I don't get any shifts from them.  Though it would be nice to make some extra money to start on the Christmas shopping as well as on little one #1's birthday shopping.

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