September 22, 2012

I have pretty much given up all hope of an A in this class

Surprisingly, it is a not a nursing course, but US History, Part 1.

The class is poorly organized.  The readings are overwhelming in number.  Lectures are often of sketchy quality.  The online resource that they use for the classes is riddled with glitches, and often their videos, links. etc, are non-functional.  Assignments are not easy to find, that is if they are posted on time.  Then the assignments have minimal guidance or instruction:  make a PowerPoint, write a letter, work on a project.   Some instructions, right?  I'm not expecting spoon-feeding but a little more structure would be nice, especially when I'm trying to meet grading criteria that I know nothing about.  It is only when students start asking questions in the forum that all of the details--including what they are looking for--are revealed...and that's often near the deadline, when most have already submitted their work.  Grades from the instructors is frequently very late:  I have assignments from two weeks ago that are waiting on grades!  Last and most is often absent.  No explanation of where you went wrong or why, just that you went wrong and better luck next time.

So if I don't get an A on this course, it's not for a lack of trying because I'm doing all that I can.  Right now I'm holding onto the mid-90s, but I see that fading fast.

Fortunately, I will NOT be having this instructing team for History Part 2.  I hope.  The professor will be different, though I have no idea if the assistants will cross over.  I hope not.  I can't even hope I get a different assistant because this does not seem to be a good batch at all.

What is really a shame is that the material itself is exceptionally fascinating.  I just have to slog through Hell to learn it.

Oh well, 3 more weeks...just have to make it through.


Kolohe said...

What years do they cover in Part 1? I enjoyed American History. I bet it has a different spin on it then it did in my textbook, John A. Garraty's "The American Nation: A History of the United States."

Remember, a B is fine. At least that's what you said not too very long ago. :)

Meriwhen said...

I know, I keep saying that...but letting go to do that is another thing entirely!