September 26, 2012

The best laid plans...

Shadowing is off.  My nurse leader is still sick...I didn't know that he was out all week with something, but apparently he's still not feeling any better.  At least I got the text before I showed up at the meeting.  I sent my well wishes and asked if I can talk to him over the phone today or tomorrow, whenever he is feeling up to it, so I can get part of my assignment done.  Then I'll just have to figure out something over the next three weeks...shame my schedule is going to be hellish for part of that time, but I'll manage something, I'm sure.

I highly suspect this is because I went clothing shopping yesterday.  I will bet the farm that had I not gone to find a maternity shirt--or had been unsuccessful in finding one--he would have been feeling a hundred times better.

Oh well.  Can't do anything about it, really.

So now I have a day off--in addition to no shadowing this morning, I was cancelled for this evening since census is low.  Plus, I have been on top of my coursework so except for one assignment due today, there isn't anything that I have to do...or even planned to do since this day was already written off for schoolwork because of shadowing and work.

I'm planning to lounge for half of it, and do schoolwork for the other half:  let me try to stay ahead of the academic game while I still can.  And I'm going to returned that ruched shirt today as well.  Even under the cardigan, it's still a no-go.

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Kolohe said...

OK, I give up. I like to think that my mind is fairly nimble and that I can deduce connections between seemingly unrelated items. I don't, however, see how you shopping for a maternity shirt made your nurse leader sick.