September 25, 2012

Whoever invented ruching for shirts should be shot.  Seriously.

It only looks good on the size 2 pregnant woman.  I am not the size 2 pregnant woman--I look like the remaining 90% of the female population.  The shirt fits in all the wrong places and does nothing to flatter the baby bump that has seemingly appeared out of nowhere.  It looks really good on that size 2 pregnant model they show who has neither hips nor ass.  But only on her.

I did find a decent enough sweater and a really nice cardigan.  I also bought one of the damned ruched shirts because I figured I could layer it under the cardigan, where it won't look half-bad.  Pants did not work out at all because the Target maternity line is based around size 2 pregnant woman (again, the no hips or ass).  For those, I will have to go to a bona-fide maternity store.

But overall, part 1 of the mission accomplished.  Working on part 2 now since the textbook has arrived.

Outpatient offered me four hours later on today.  Since it'll be no-brainer work--I can even bring homework to do in the downtime--I may very well say Yes.

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