September 18, 2012

Since I couldn't sleep last night, I pulled out my knitting (still trying to finish the blanket for my nephew) and watched The Curse of the Golden Flower.   You know what irked me about that movie?  

Spoilers below if you haven't seen it.



No one ever called the Emperor on the gradual poisoning of the Empress.  I mean, he was a grade A bastard:  tried to kill his first wife and her family, so he could marry the Empress, kept the first wife's son and told him that she died, ignored his third son in favor of the other two, then when he found out the first wife was alive tried to kill her and her new family...granted, the Empress and the three sons were no angels either.  But even after they found out, no one ever went up to his face and said, "I know what you're doing to the Empress."

Excellent movie but left me feeling unfulfilled.  Oh well.

Lazy day of schoolwork planned for today.  

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