October 8, 2012

Every time I debate about whether I should go and get some non-psych experience, I have something that happens at work that reminds me of why I love psych.  It was a busy week but very fulfilling.  Started shadowing my nurse manager and got some good experiences for my project.  Saw a few new psychiatric presentations who were assigned to great MDs who did not mind my asking them questions.  I had a couple of problem children that I felt like I was really able to make a connection with.  While I'm no fool and I know I haven't solved their addiction issues once and for all, I was able to get both of them the help they needed right now.  And I got invited by a unit to work on it.  It's a nice unit too...I told them after I have the baby, I will apply at the first job posting they list.

Some moments of frustration though, such as one doctor who thinks they're God and acts like a complete jerk, and a few patients who'd go missing whenever I'd need to find them for whatever reason.  A couple of fake urine attempts (I just sigh, log the test and let the staff know).  But overall a good week.

I also saw someone with a .35 BAC that you would swear was as sober as a monk under a vow of abstinence.  Functional, did not act impaired in the least, didn't even smell of drink.  But something about the patient triggered the doctor to call for a breathalyzer test.  So I swooped in...and the doctor and charge nurse were just as surprised as I when we gathered around the breathalyzer to see what the result would be.  If it wasn't for the patient's past (and well-known) ETOH history, I would have sworn the breathalyzer was in error and done a retest.

So now I'm off for a few days.  Which is good as I have several major school projects this week.  History Part 1 wraps up, thank God.  Besides the usual assignments there is also a comprehensive essay and the last and thankfully non-cumulative exam.  I should get the official word that I've passed the class in the next day or two, depending on when the last set of projects are graded.  As long as I pull a 50% on both the essay and final, I should have a B.  I refuse to think of what I'd need to get an A:  if it happens, it happens.  So I've decided to focus on the exam because all through the class I've done better on the exams, and not kill myself over the essay.

Meanwhile, in management, I have a presentation and a weekly assignment due.  Fortunately, it's not due until Monday; since all of the history stuff is due by Saturday night, I have all of Sunday to work on this project.  I don't plan to procrastinate on it though.  I did some preliminary research last week for the presentation; I'll start beating drafts together this week.

Then next week, it's just management class and shadowing.  The week after is the final week of management and the start of History Part 2.  Week after, just History.  Then after that, the final nursing class of 2012:  Vulnerable Populations...which rumor has it is probably the hardest and most unfair class in the program.  But I try not to put too much stock in rumors.

The end of this BSN feels like it's finally coming in sight.

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