October 21, 2012

OK, I really have to stop this slacking

I decided that just now, I really needed to have copies of all of my CEUs together both for my license renewal next year as well as for my certifications.  So I just killed a tree in doing so.  Then I came here. I'm nowhere closer to getting my homework done.  It's also not helping that today it is actually raining here, so I'm excited.  I'd rather be outside on the porch, wrapped in my shawl and reading a book as the mist comes down.  Plus this is excellent napping weather, something which really appeals to me as a pregnant woman.

If it were nice and sunny, I'd have no problem doing homework.

This CEUs for California thing is a mixed blessing.  On one hand, I am forced to work on my continuing education, which I feel that every state BON should encourage to some degree.  My last BON couldn't give a damn about education.  Actually, it didn't seem like they gave a damn about a lot of things...that reminds me, I need to renew my license for that state as well.  Bah.

And to be honest, with maintaining the ANCC certification (and possibly obtaining the CARN certification if I decide to jump for it), I easily rack up 30+ CEUs in a year...and not all of them have to be psych!  Only 51% do.  So it's not as though taking the CEUs is big inconvenience to me.

On the other hand, I have to maintain paperwork for 7 years.  I have memberships at nurse.com and NursingCenter so that covers a good part of the CEU cost, but l still have to pay out of pocket for the really good CEUs.

Four days of work this week:  two half, two full.  It'll pay for the next nursing class that I need to register for...and a whole bunch more of those darn CEUs.

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