October 10, 2012

Fall finally arrived

Well, California's version of fall:  73 and partly cloudy.  While I'm not quite digging out the wool shawl just yet, I'll take whatever I can get.  I'm glad I'm off today, even though I'm chained to the computer.  I have the windows and the screen door open to catch the nice breeze.  The little one is at school, so the house is tranquil.  Even my history paper has become less of an ordeal...OK, knowing that I've pretty much got the B has helped with that more than the weather has.

It's nice to be able to switch the A/C off for a while, especially since only last week it was in the high 90s, even 100s.

Got to spend the morning with my sister and my two nephews.  Her five-month old has transformed from a grumpy angry baby (GERD, colic both to blame) to an entirely different baby altogether.  He's now smiles and laughter and eager to show off his mad rolling skills.  I could not put him down...well, I did when I wanted to see him show off his mad rolling skills.  It's kind of gotten me excited for what I'll have in store with my own baby...granted, it will be at least a year before he's in the mad rolling skills stage.  But I have to admit I'm getting more excited about his impending arrival.

I thought about postponing the last nursing class of the semester until next year, so I could just relax and  focus solely on History Part 2 for the rest of the year.  But unfortunately, the next time this nursing class is offered is right around my due date, and I can't risk the timing.  Oh well.

Back to my paper...it's not going to write itself!

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