October 18, 2012

I traded in one of my old physical assessment books, which covered most of the cost of the additional textbook I have to buy for the next history class.  I only had to lay out $5 when all was said and done.  Yes, I did have the option of e-book access which would have cost much less...but we all know how I feel about e-books that aren't on Kindle.

Oh well.  I keep telling myself, "May 2013:  BSN, RN."  It's almost over.

I discovered that the APNA now offers a mentor/mentee service.  I can sign up looking for a mentor to assist me in my psychiatric nursing career, or I can volunteer to serve as a mentor for someone else.  I can go to the website, plug in all of the criteria that I am looking for, and poof:  they will match me up with potential mentors/mentees.

I don't think I am experienced enough just yet to serve as an effective PMH nurse mentor.  So when I get all of my homework done, I'm going to sign up as "Mentee seeking Mentor."  It'll be interesting to see if anyone wants to take me under their wing.  Maybe I'll even find one in my area.

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Kolohe said...

I sought mentoring help when I went from a community college and prerequisites to actual engineering courses at a 4 year university. After getting B's for the first time an narrowly averting a C I decided I needed help.

The Tau Beta Pi mentors helped me to finally get back on the Honor Roll track. And just over a year later, I was the mentor for the Tuesday help sessions. I enjoyed the mentor roll MUCH more than being mentoree. :)