November 2, 2012

History Part 2 Drama, Part 2

It continues on.  Students protesting that the course is too unfair, it's too much work, they should have been warned to take it alone, that they would have taken it at their local CC, that they would have tried to take the CLEP exam and test out of it.

Meanwhile, the instructors remain eerily silent...too silent.  Not only are they refraining from comment on the vent threads, they are not answering ANY of the help desk questions at all.  And students are spazzing over the some of them with valid questions (i.e., questions not related to the course drama).


I'm definitely staying out of the drama.  To be honest, it's starting to be quite the distraction.  I go to the help forum looking for updates and hints--as we are instructed to check this forum daily and first for the latest information--and all I see is the angst and tension from the students, and the lack of input from the instructors.  Many have written that they've dropped the class that was going to start next week just so they could focus on this one.  And truth be told, I'm starting to reconsider that too, especially given that work is picking up.  More on that in a minute.

At this point, I'd consider just aiming for the C.  Consider.  But despite my talking, we all know I'd die before I ever took that drastic of an action.  Even those readers who know me very well are laughing internally when I write that I'm settling for the B.

In other news, I'm gearing up for this month at work.  Between the holidays, a couple of people needing some personal time off, and one program getting so hectic that the regular nurse can't cope anymore, I'm getting more hours than I can shake a stick at.  I'm working full-time two of the four weeks this month, and for the other two I've been told to come in early to be there just in case they need the extra body.  At least I can bring my schoolwork with me and try to stay abreast of things during the downtime.  But one of the reasons I dropped the outpatient for now is because I didn't want to work every day.  And here I am, working every day for at least half the month.

Yes, I know, I could have said No.  I am per-diem, after all.  But given that I will be not working for a while after the baby is born, I want to keep relations with my primary employer as sweet as possible, so I have a job to return to after the birth.   Plus it couldn't hurt to stockpile some money while I can.

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