November 22, 2012

Attack of Cluster B

In terns of personality disorders, Cluster B leads the pack as being the most prevalent.  Of Cluster B, borderline personality disorder is the most common, followed by antisocial personality disorder.  Yet lately, I am coming across more patients with narcissistic personality disorder.  It's getting to the point that they are keeping pace with the top 2.  Cluster B is common in dual/addictions as well as in eating disorders.

I haven't seen (yet) a patient with two cluster B diagnoses.  I've seen those with Cluster B and Cluster C (usually obsessive-compulsive, sometimes dependent, never avoidant) but not often.  Never seen Cluster B with Cluster A...which is understandable in a way:  I can't really picture a borderline schizoaffective patient or a histrionic paranoid patient.  A and B just do not seem to mesh.

So anyway, the Cluster Bs have been coming fast and furious in both of the programs I'm working in.  I decided to treat myself to an early birthday/Christmas gift and get "The Personality Disorders Treatment Planner" in order to stay on top of things.  It's a great book for those who have to deal with personality disorders on a regular basis, or even the curious who'd like to go beyond the stereotypical presentations of personality disorders.  Because there really is far more to personality disorders than the image of angsty teenage girls cutting themselves while railing against the world.

Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate it, Happy Thursday if you don't.

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Medic2RN said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!
I find your psych blogs very interesting. I get some psych patients sporadically and it's always a bit of a challenge giving a report to a psych nurse because the lingo is so particular. I end up feeling like I didn't give the best report I could have. Perhaps I need to brush up on my psych studies.