November 11, 2012

Pregnancy 2, Meriwhen 1, History 0

Let's get my victory out of the way:  for the last couple of weeks, my weight has holding steady.  Lest the cries of "but you're supposed to..." start coming out, I should explain that I was already overweight at the beginning of the whole thing, and because of that, my doctor wants me to keep the total weight gain around 20lb.  I'm currently at 14.2lb up.  I'm not dieting, just not overindulging and "eating for two."  Though someone better start taking the leftover Halloween candy out of the secretary's office, especially the peanut butter cups.

I'm also not expecting to land under or even exactly at 20...but that doesn't mean I have to end up at 35 either.

I don't advertise the fact that I'm pregnant, and there's still a few people that are truly surprised when I tell them I'm six months along.   Most nursing staff know and so they keep me out of codes (and I admit  being a little chagrined at that, but I understand they're concerned about me and the baby).

But when patients--who I definitely don't tell--start congratulating me out of the blue, it's safe to say that the pregnancy is becoming more noticeable.

Unfortunately, I am now burdened with leg pain.  Right now it's a muscle-ache, like I've been going to the gym too much (and I haven't), but I'm worried it's going to become the debilitating sciatica pain that I had with the first little one.  I'm already having occasional difficulty getting out of my truck...and even though it's smaller, I can't switch to the other half's truck because it's stick.  I can drive a stick.  I detest a stick in this traffic.

Then came the inevitable brassiere shopping.  Last pregnancy, I didn't hit porn star-esque sizing until just before delivery.  This time around, it's happened a lot faster.  Perhaps that's why some still aren't noticing the belly.

I needed new brassieres that fit, so I took the family to the store and spent the morning determining my new size.  I am now a very annoying size...annoying as it's hard to find the size.   38DD.   Most of the regular brassieres top out at 38D, whereas most of the full-figured sizes start at 40D.  38DD is the black hole of brassiere sizes...guess goes pretty well with my size 10.5 foot, which is the black hole of shoe sizes.

I did find a couple of 38DDs (literally just two of them!), but relented and also got a few 40Ds.  They don't fit perfectly, but they're serviceable enough, and I'm going to keep expanding anyway.

I haven't crossed the high score of last pregnancy just yet (42F), but I'm pretty sure I will at least match it.

The drama in History Part 2 rages on.  Not long after I posted about all of the classmates complaining about the course, the professor finally stepped in to tell them that the class has been this way for three years, the director of the history department is well aware of the class--in fact, they were part of the design team-- and that their energies would be better spent either working on assignments or deciding whether to stay in the course.  That silenced everyone, including the one very annoying classmate who wasn't actually complaining, but instead was taking the sanctimonious "holier than thou" approach as he/she reprimanded those who were complaining.

Peace was not to last...a few days later, there was a rash of complaints about the quality of the week's videos.  Then another violent outcry, this time the complaints of people getting penalized for not completing the plagiarism tutorial.   Problem:  a lot of them didn't read the instructions for correctly completing the assignment.  So essentially it was their own faults that they got penalized...but they still raised holy hell in the help forum.

At least here the professor stepped in faster to deal with it.  Apparently some of the class were writing nasty e-mails to their instructors, and so the professor decided to put a stop to things right away.  I can't say I blame him.

Still, that doesn't do much for lowering the drama quotient.  I wonder what the next blow-up will be over.

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Kolohe said...

You took the family shopping for bras? Never heard of that kind of family outing before. I can maybe see the DH enjoying it, but the little one probably would have preferred Chuck E. Cheese. :D