December 7, 2012

I dropped off the jug this morning--I drove it in nestled in a bag of ice, strapped into the front seat.  First I had to drop the little one off at school, so I'm sure more than a few people who walked by the truck were wondering what I was doing with a biohazard container on ice buckled into the passenger side.

I will never take peeing for granted again.

Off today as I wrap up some history homework.  I'm kind of glad I'm off today.  The hospital's new grad residency program has started notifying applicants, and quite a few of them who had worked for the hospital chain--some for years!--found themselves told, "sorry, but no..."  And for some, it wasn't their first go-around on the wheel.  If nothing else will convince you that working as an internal employee is no longer the guaranteed lock on a new grad job, this will.

The mood in the hallways is probably going to be somewhat dark for a while.

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