December 29, 2012

There's no denying the belly

Hope everyone had a good holiday.  My family left last night to return to the East Coast after two weeks out here, so this weekend is all about rest and recuperation.

And jump-starting this little-one-to-be as he's been quiet all morning.  I'm not concerned yet as mornings are not usually his most active time, but I will be monitoring him to see that he does get going; otherwise, it's off to L&D we go for a checkup.  So I whipped out the V8 Fusion and downed a large glass, then got back into bed to type and wait for some activity.

He's 32 weeks tomorrow.  I figure I have one more month of freedom before it's baby watch time.  Not as though I'll get much sleep in January...haven't sleep through a whole night since August.  Oh well.

Being a nurse this time around the pregnancy ride has definitely made this pregnancy go smoother, at least mentally and emotionally.  I was so anxious and nervous with the first one, panicking over any little thing...I ended up going to the hospital several times to make sure all was well with the little first one.  This time, even though the risk is higher (and the first pregnancy had its own risks to begin with), I'm much calmer about things.  Not ignorant or unconcerned, just calmer about how I handle them.

My weight is up 24 lb.  As I mentioned earlier, I kind of knew that keeping it under 20 wasn't really going to happen, but at the same time, there was no need for me to repeat the 50+ lb. gain of the first one.  Funny enough, I now weigh more than I did when I delivered the last time, but I actually look smaller and better.   Brassiere size still in the black hole know the minute I find and buy more 38DDs, the chest will expand overnight.

We hope he's in the head-down position, but I really can't tell as the blows are coming from all sides simultaneously.  I'm giving birth to either a future gymnast or Cthulhu.  I've already decided that if he's not head-down or if he's more than 9 lb, C-section.   

Ah, some movement.  Little-one-to-be is waking up.

In other news, my current facility posted a few positions that I would love to apply for a transfer to.  Of course, they do it now and not when I'm not pregnant.  Day ICU part-time and per-diem, day detox per-diem, day residential detox per-diem, psych/med day part-time, facility registry...alas, if weren't for this belly, I'd apply.  But I can't apply for them knowing full well that I wouldn't be able to start working until May at the earliest.  *sigh*  And they know I'm pregnant so it's not as though I'd be able to hide it.

Actually, most of the facility and patients know.  There's no denying the belly at this point, even if I wear dark colors.  Now staff I don't even know are leaving me chocolate and pretzels.

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