December 21, 2012

So we're still here

As I told someone else, I go by the calendar printed on the Oreo cookie, and there was nothing on there about an apocalypse.  So I wasn't too worried about today.  Still, it's nice that the appointed time has come and gone, just to be extra sure.

In other news, I'm being wooed by a major hospital for their behavioral health program.   Not an agency, but the hospital itself.  If it wasn't for the fact that I'm 8 months pregnant as well as fairly happy with where I am working now, I'd seriously consider it.   But I'm not planning to make any career changes for at least the next several months...once the new little one is a few months old, then I'll look around and contemplate other positions as well as possibly other organizations.  If they're still interested in me at that time, then we'll talk.

It's very flattering though:  I feel all warm and fuzzy...and gigantic.  Apparently the baby-to-be is on a growth spurt.

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Kolohe said...

Does make you feel good to know you're wanted, doesn't it. :)

Merry Christmas!