February 16, 2013

Good news:  no cholestasis.  Bad news:  still itching horribly.

The jury is still out on the preeclampsia...not all of the test results are in yet (and my OB was also out of the office so they had to find a substitute to interpret them) but so far there's nothing alarming in what results are in.

I have now officially gone longer than I did during my last pregnancy.  I feel all right.  Some cramping but nothing horrible.  No gushing leaks of fluid, no bleeding, no headache, no abdominal pain (outside of the cramping) and no swelling of extremities...actually, if anything, the edema in my feet has improved considerably.   Little one-to-be is moving great...he's really at it right now, which is different since mornings are not his usual active time.  In fact, during fetal assessment the nurses had to do several things to wake him up and get some accelerations going.  It was a little concerning at first but when he finally woke up he performed beautifully.

Kick counts are done between 1900 and 2100 since that's when he likes to throw his dance parties.  Surprisingly, he sleeps through the night now--whenever I wake up during the middle of the night, I'll rarely feel him move.  Unfortunately, we know that won't last after he's born.

Everyone has explained the contractions that I will feel when true labor begins and have been reassuring me that I will know.  I've only had those "stop everything I'm doing and breathe" type of contractions intermittently.  Nothing consistent.

I'm half-hoping it'll be this weekend, since everyone is off from work/school.  The better half is starting to get more and more nervous...it's cute.  In so many ways this really is his first pregnancy (he missed most of the last one).  He was up at 0500 fretting over how we'll coordinate going to the hospital and getting my sister there.  I told him not to worry, that I'll get him to the hospital safely :)

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