February 1, 2013

Baby watch officially begins

Low census + no admissions = called off of work today.  I'm not complaining:  at least I found out early, before I dug out my scrubs and started the warpaint.  Fortunately, we planned financially for my not working during the next few months, so while making some money today would have been nice, it wasn't critical.

Come hell or high water, this would have been my last day at work anyway.  They knew I wasn't going to work once February came, and that I won't be back until at least June.   So...four months of officially not working.  I don't know what I'm going to do with myself...oh yes, I do:  take care of the little-one-to-be.  But until he arrives, it's going to be a long February.

I should get cracking on the addictions CEUs while I'm off...and dig out the Spanish lesson CDs for the computer.

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