February 8, 2013

New symptoms

So the intolerable thirst is gone...no, it wasn't gestational diabetes, but the side effects of the salt cravings.  As I ran out of salt and keep forgetting to get a refill at the store, the problem resolved itself.  It also resulted in the loss of 4 lbs...which I found surprising given that my appetite is still off the chain and my lower extremities are still edematous.  I'm trying to keep what I eat under control, but overall I'm still eating more in this last month.   The Dave's Killer Bread craving has left, to be replaced by the Jimmy Dean D-Lights Sausage, Egg White and Cheese craving.  With hot sauce.  Lots of hot sauce.

Hot sauce is the gift of the gods.  Ever try it on pizza?  Do.  You can thank me later.

Anyhow, the thirst has been replaced by widescale itching.  There are a few bumps on the stomach, so I'm led to believe that this may be a case of PUPPP (translation:  harmless annoying pregnancy rash).  Then again, it could also be cholelithiasis (translation:  gallstones, not as harmless to the little-one-to-be), as the itching is not confined to the abdomen but occurs all over.   I wake up at night to scratch.

So I'll check with my OB to be sure.  I have an appointment on Monday anyway if I forget to call.  Being a nurse while pregnant has made me aware of more of the problems out there, yet I am calmer about them.  I know that based on odds as well as my symptoms, it's more likely that it's PUPPP than gallstones, so I'm not freaking out.  That being said, it never hurts to double-check.

In other news...I made a library run and took out a large stack of books to keep me occupied during baby watch month.  Including one on addictions...between that the copy of the Journal of Addictions Nursing that has finally arrived in my mailbox, I'm going to get started on these addictions CEUs.  I also knit a pair of socks.

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