April 19, 2013

I'm glad I'm taking four months off

Once I crossed the 8-week postpartum mark this week, I started walking and lifting.  I overdid it the first day as I ended up helping push someone in a wheelchair.  The next day, I worked on the baby's nursery, including some moving of objects.  The next day, I took the baby in the stroller for 1.5 miles.  And during all of this, I've been carrying the baby in his car seat.

Today, I am in abdominal agony.

So now I'm cleared only for gentle walking and non-abdominal exercising.  At 12 weeks, I can start easing (key word:  easing)  into abdominal exercising.

I think my first day back at work is about 16-17 weeks in.   I hope I'll be up to it.  If it wasn't for the fact that the c-section ended in a cute and healthy kid, I'd be mad that I had to have one.


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