April 25, 2013

Prepping for the return to work

I've completed a whole bunch of review tests with the agency...I surprised myself with how much info I retained about general as well as psych nursing.  I also passed the med/med dose calculation exam.  Sweet.  All that's left to do to be able to return to work there is getting a physical exam.

Meanwhile, back at my main job, I've already been hit with requests to pick up shifts all summer...and that's just my core unit.  I've been warned to expect more requests, as things are not good in per-diem land.  One per-diem is only working 2 days a week (sounds like me) and then not even consistently.  Another per-diem is out for several weeks due to an injury.  And they haven't hired any other per-diems.  So I've been told that they're desperate.

My core unit wanted to be sure to get first dibs on me.  I reminded them that I do belong to them so of course they will get scheduling priority.

Childcare is squared away.  My usual provider agreed to the deal.

I have the electric breastmilk pump ready.  I'm not worried so much about that as I have state law on my side.  I know a few good nooks where I can do it at my main job, and the other job has a specific lactation room.  I do need to figure out how to use the pump, though.  It's supposed to be able to run off of either the battery or AC current.

I also need to figure out how much little one #2 eats over 10 hours so I can prepare accordingly.  The problem is that I have no idea how many ounces he takes in at a feed, as my breasts don't come with gauges that can measure how empty the tanks are.  So for that, I may have to seek some guidance from La Leche as well as from a couple of pumping mothers that I know.

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