April 15, 2013

Of work and brassieres

I went in for my post-partum checkup/return to work physical.  I'm recovering nicely from the c-section and have the all-clear to exercise once I hit 8 weeks postpartum...basically, by the weekend.  I'm also cleared to return to work.  So I talked with the hospital HR rep, and we've set a return to work date of June 1.  Which is good as I've already been asked if I can start picking up shifts in June.

In other news, I am having a hard time finding brassieres.  As we all know, breastfeeding causes a chest expansion, both in general as well as on an hourly basis.  Now that I'm cleared to resume normal activities, I went to the maternity store to get a measurement to see what size I need.

40F.  Technically, I'm, in the words of the sales assistant who measured me, "38 to 40 and a E to a F."

I read that as a 39 E/F, which does not exist.  I thought that the 38DD was the black hole of brassiere sizes.

When between sizes move up to the next size...hence 40F.

The good news is that in a maternity store, 38DD is a very common bra size.  The bad news is that 40F is not.  For that size you are referred to the "plus-size" section...which not all maternity stores have.


The first maternity store referred me to another in their chain that did have larger bra sizes.  Even there, 40F was the limit.  They had a 42G and a 46G on the rack, but basically, the sizes topped off at 40F.  And there weren't a whole lot of 40Fs either.  I did manage to find four...not my favorite style though, but comfortable enough.


Medic2RN said...

Have you considered ordering the bras you find comfortable online? The stores may not carry the size you're looking for, but sometimes you can find it on the internet.

Meriwhen said...

I may do that. I seem to always have better luck ordering clothing online than I do getting them in a store...go figure.

Medic2RN said...

When I had my second baby, that's what I did. I was initially shocked that the alphabet went that high regarding cup sizes. The internet was my blessing because no stores carried anything that size.
Good luck!