April 21, 2013

Yet another reason I need to start tackling the weight

I've started arranging for childcare for when I return to work.  The problem is that most places won't take on part-time clients:  they want full-time.  This is understandable given the current state of the economy.

I do have a childcare person who I've used in the past and is very professional, very good with little one #1 and from what I've seen, very good with infants...so much so that she'd be worth paying full-time rates for part-time work.   To me, that would be worth it.  So I wrote to see if she'd be willing to accept such an arrangement.  Hopefully she will say Yes, but just in case, I started researching other providers should she decline.  I'm not returning to work until June, but I wanted to start squaring it away now.

I also contacted my agency to let them know when I'll be available and if there's anything I need to do to be ready to resume working for them.  Again, squaring it away now so it's done and ready.

I also decided to break up my remaining RN-BSN classes and registered for the first one (Research) to start at the end of May.  Then it'd be another nursing class (Vulnerable Populations) in August, and then the final one in October.  As it stands, my estimated graduation date is now November 2013.  To be honest, I can't move it up much earlier than that:  based on how the classes are scheduled, even if I were to double up on nursing classes in May, the earliest I could graduate would be September.  Saving two months may not be worth the stress of taking two very tough classes at once.

So about that subject line...

I'm about 32 lb down from my delivery weight.  I'm 11 out from my pregnancy starting weight.  And from my starting weight, I could stand to drop at least 20 or so more.  No more than that because I'm tall.  With my height and build, 160-165 looks healthy on me.

Not too long ago I had blood work done.  I received the results in the mail yesterday.  Everything is normal...except two things.  LDL is 164, and the total cholesterol is 246.   They want me to call for an appointment, which I shall do first thing tomorrow.

Now, I'm not too stressed over this, because it's very common for triglycerides to be elevated in nursing women.  It happened after my first pregnancy.   I was able to bring it back down to normal levels without medication:  it took a few months of dietary changes, exercise and weight loss, but I took it from 212 to 186 and kept it WNL for several years.

I'm confident that I could get it back down with the same game plan.  I kind of have to:  statins are contraindicated in breastfeeding.  And this medical condition is not critical enough for me to stop breastfeeding.

So MyFitnessPal got fired up...again.   I found my Hacker's Diet info and reviewed it.  I started mapping out a walking and Wii fitness plan.  I got out the container of oatmeal.

I'm a sheep on a mission.

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