September 11, 2013

I'm alive

I'm waiting for a sleeping baby to wake up.  One rule of parenting that you learn really fast:  never wake a sleeping baby unless the house is on fire.  As long as they're breathing, that's all that matters.

The second rule is to never try to make a happy baby happier.  If they're happy staring at a toy in the corner, let them stare.  

So, Vulnerable Populations was such a mixed bag.  A lot of hard work and research.  Very interesting and fun to learn about this little community I live in.  Not as much fun turning in 30-50 page papers each week.  I want to go plant a tree in honor of the ones I've killed during the course of this class.   

The course was straightforward, though it felt like I had to teach myself most of it.  And like Research and History part 2, it is not without some drama.  I commented on it--and probably pissed off a few classmates in the process--but I'm largely staying out of it, as I think the school's in the right on this one.  It's expected that even if students aren't pros at APA yet, they should know the need to cite your sources.  Ideally, cite it correctly...but even if you have to cite it incorrectly, at least cite it.

The two history classes and Research pounded that well enough into my head.  I may get dinged--and often--for craptastic APA and Turabian, but I've never been dinged for plagiarism.

It's interesting watching people argue about how they shouldn't be penalized because they didn't cite as they should have.  Oh well.

Anyhow, I got an A.  I haven't taken the last quiz yet, but even if I don't, I still have the A.  So I may actually end up with that elusive 4.0...we shall see.  One week off and then it's Capstone.  The final class.   I'm already registered for it, and the tuition is paid for.  I'm ready for this to end.

I've been working 2-3 days a week.  Once again, it's gone from famine to feast in my world.  I wasn't cancelled from the agency three days in a row, which is unusual.  Someone must have gotten fired.

Plus my main job has offered me the chance to cover one of their sites 3 days a week starting in late September through October, and possibly beyond.  Of course I said Yes.  So they're going to check their staffing, confirm the dates and let me know.  In the meantime, I'm holding off on canceling with the agency for that month, just in case.

In other news, an opening for psych medical opened up...but full-time nights.  It was all I could do not to cry.  *sigh*  My time will come one day.


Kolohe said...

There you are!!! But I didn't miss you posting; nope, not me! ;-)

So, the old 4.0..... I remember those days; they were a lifetime ago! lol

BTW, Attagirl!!!

Medic2RN said...

Congratulations on the 'A'!
Don't worry, you'll get the position you want, sometimes it takes a little time.