September 18, 2013

Thank God

Surfing the nursing least once a day, someone thanks God for something.  Usually it's for passing the NCLEX, or getting a job.

I'm all about God.  I'm Catholic and not ashamed to admit it.

But I'm also reminded of the George Carlin sketch...why do we only mention God when it's a good thing?  You never really hear him mentioned when it comes to the bad things.  For example, you'll never see, "I failed the NCLEX, guess it wasn't part of God's plan to have me pass just yet."

Or what if it's something that God had nothing to do with?  I'd like to think that my grades are due to my hard work and not due to divine intervention...if that wasn't true, then I'd spend more time in church saying Rosaries than studying my textbooks.

Or no one ever thanks anyone else but God.  I haven't seen any references to thanking Buddha or Allah or Yahweh or the Goddess or the Spaghetti Being for doing well on a test.  Jesus Christ gets plenty of press though...but I suppose that's the same as God, isn't it?

For once, I'd like to see someone post, "I passed the NCLEX, and I want to thank Cthulhu for making this possible."

Speaking of which, I really need to find a Catholic church around here.  The last area I lived in was heavily Baptist and you couldn't find a Catholic church anywhere.  Out here, there seems to be a lot more of them around, so I should find one to start attending.

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