September 26, 2013

Procedure today.  Took my doxycycline (been taking it for a day, now).  Have my Motrin and my diazepam ready to take when I'm there.  Got to love twilight sedation.

I turned my homework in early this week because I know that 10mg of diazepam is going to be render me non-functional as far as intelligent thought goes.  I also have brought a better book to read while waiting for the diazepam to kick in:  Edith Wharton's Age of Innocence.  I hope it's much less depressing than Less than Zero was.

Mind you, I could bring my substance abuse handbook and read that...that would really make them think.  And it may even counter the mental effects of the Valium.

I also need to get some milk ready for the Milk Tiger for the evening, as 10mg of diazepam is going to render me unable to nurse until it clears.

I got offered another shift at my main job next week, so I need to cancel on the agency.  Guaranteed hours trumps every time.  Next month is definitely shaping up to be a feast and not a famine as far as work goes...provided I'm not cancelled on short notice.  But since most of my hours are at my main job, I don't have much there that could be cancelled.

There is also a part-time day ICU position going.  While I really want to get into psych-medical, I have to admit that this position is calling to me.

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