September 17, 2013

It's a proven fact that the more un-toy like something is, the more a baby will want to play with it.  Case in point:  little one #2 is sitting here on the bed with me.  He has all the toys he could want at his fingertips, but he's chewing on the better half's belt and letting out the Happy Baby Squeal.

So the feast eased up a bit:  I was cancelled by the agency this week.  I've learned that they agency has placed a full-time agency person in there, so they're going to get priority when it comes to scheduling.  Fortunately, my main job wanted me on short notice, so I didn't lose any hours this week.  We'll see if the agency will pick me back up at the end of the month--I'm taking some time off to have the follow-up to an earlier medical procedure done.

But going back to the full-time agency thing...I have to wonder why someone would sign on for that.  They're getting the standard agency rate--which is actually less than what the equivalent permanent employee gets--and no benefits.  Plus if there's enough permanent staff there, they can get cancelled.  The only perks that I see are priority in scheduling, some flexibility (though they are being forced to pick up every other weekend), and the ability to walk tomorrow.

Still, I guess it worked enough for someone to take it.   Who knows?

I have the day off, which is nice as it's grey out.  It's a good day to put something benign on the television for background noise, sit with little one #2 and work on the shawl I cast on last night.  Grey days are rare out here...what would make it perfect is if it rained.  But that may be asking for too much.

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